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How do I sell my digital content with Uhmi?

With Uhmi we have made it easy for you to sell your digital content. From videos and music to games and articles. Everything that is digitally transferable, you can sell with Uhmi.

					To start selling with Uhmi:
  1. Create a sell account. We only need your email address.
  2. Integrate Uhmi into your website or app. More information can be found on the page Developers.
  3. Personalize your sell profile, so you are recognizable to your buyers.
  4. Your website uses the Uhmi API to create a payment at Uhmi. The payment includes the content in question with any additional information you'd like to add, such as title, price, thumbnail and description. For more information on how the Uhmi API works, see our Uhmi API documentation.
  5. When the payment is successfully created, it will respond with a unique id of the newly created payment. You can then use this id to send the buyer to the correct payment.
  6. Upon payment the buyer is presented with the details of the content and the additional information you have provided. Here, the buyer may accept the payment.
  7. After the payment is accepted Uhmi returns the buyer to your chosen URL, where you can check whether the payment was successful by requesting the status of the payment (via the API).
  8. You can then present your content to the buyer.

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