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Talk And Walk talkandwalk.com
Walking While the Sun Goes Down
Docu Club docuclub.com
Documentary: Dimensions of the Quantum Realm
Star Vlog youtube.com/starvlog
The ⭐ Vlog #86: Finally my wishes and dreams came true!! 😍

one-click payments

We all move fast on the web. We go from video to video, article to article, content to content. That is why you need payments that are just as fast, or even faster. With Uhmi, payments are done in less than a second. You won't have to leave the website, no pages to refresh, no checkouts, no delay.


Finding the right price that fits your content is something that only you can decide. Whether your price is $10 or $0.01 — any price is possible.

Any type of content

Whether it's a video, article, podcast, song, ebook, pdf or any other type of content you can think of: Uhmi can handle it.

The Grand Outdoors thegrandoutdoors.co.uk
Ep. 23: "Finding your tribe" w/ Jeff Jameson & Joe Philips
The Grand Outdoors
Thank you for your contribution! 🙏 Enjoy the show.

Pay What You Want

Hand over control to your fans with Pay What You Want and let them value your work by leaving it up to them to decide a price for your content.


There are lots of ways to use this feature. You could set a minimum price, encouraging your fans to contribute more. Or, offer your content for free and let them value afterwards how much they think it was worth.


Adding a donation button to your website gives your fans a way to support you without expecting something immediate in return.

Sometimes your fans just want to say thank you and are more than happy to contribute to your work. Simply adding a donation button to your website may have unexpected returns.

Darren Tully darrentully.com
Hi everyone, Darren here. You’re support will aid me in my efforts to create a modern day Jukebox.
Terranean Trips terraneantrips.com
🙏 Your tips will fund our trips!
Jenni Lana youtube.com/jennilana
Thank you for your support! Let the good luck rainbow shine on you 🌈😁


From a one-time payment to a lifetime customer, build any type of recurring relationship effortlessly.

With subscriptions you can give your audience access to content, services, or premium features on an ongoing basis. Or in a supportive manner as some type of patronage. Whether it's weekly, biweekly, monthly, annually or with trial periods, create plans as flexible as you need.

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With Connect, you can share revenue with anyone on each individual payment. You just agree on the percentage, Connect automatically distributes the amounts.


Working together on a project with other creators? Use Connect to share the revenue and earn together.


Use Connect for your platform or marketplace to effortlessly move funds between buyers and sellers.


Grow with the success of your talents and get a percentage of their revenue on each individual payment.