Pay per transaction only.

Feel free to experiment and try out what works best for you. You only pay for successful transactions.
No startup costs
No monthly fees
No contracts


For transaction amounts over €2,50

2% + €0,25


For transaction amounts of €2,50 and less


All our features are included:

Payment methods

Out-of-the-box we provide you with the payment methods your customers are familiar with. No extra contract. Learn more ›

Uhmi Link

  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited items per link
  • Customized page
  • Up to 2GB file size
  • 20GB total storage
Want to upgrade file size and storage? Get in touch.

Everything else

  • Subscriptions
  • Uhmi Connect
  • Up to 10 accounts
  • Multicurrency
  • Currency conversions
  • Messages
  • Pay What You Want
  • Refunds

Are there additional costs for subscriptions?

No. Just like a normal payment, you only pay the applicable fee for a successful transaction.

How do I pay out my earnings?

Add your bank account information and receive your payouts daily, weekly or monthly. The minimum payout amount is €5,00.

How do currency conversions work?

We automatically convert and present prices to customers in their local currency. For example, if you set a price to $1, a customer would see €0,83.

How do refunds work?

You can choose to make payments refundable at no extra charge. Your customers then have up to 24 hours after purchase to request a refund.