Install Uhmi on your platform, determine your prices and people are ready to support your content financially. It’s really that easy. However, before selling your content, we would recommend starting with a clear plan. If your followers are not used to pay for your content, you might need to prepare them and make a slight change in the way you are publishing content. We would like to share a roadmap that allows you to get started with our payment tool. 

Step 1: What problem are you solving?

The first step is to answer the question: what problem(s) are you solving with your content? It’s essential to communicate about this because it will help you to manage the expectations of your followers. Also, it can trigger their interests, as your target group will know better whether they would be interested in your content or not. 

In general, there are 6 types of solutions:

1. Leisure and entertainment

This content category focuses on leisure and entertainment. It is mostly consumed when people feel like escaping from their daily lives. They want to “pause” their brain and be entertained with comfortable and relaxing content. Examples of this category are personal life vlogs, gossip scoops, and fictional stories.

2. Information

If your content is about teaching new skills or providing knowledge, your content probably falls into this category.

3. Inspiration

A lot of content creators fall into the category “inspiration.” This category is immense, but the most critical aspect is that your content inspires people. For instance: somebody might host a dinner party next week, but doesn’t have a clue what to prepare. This person will probably search online for inspiration. 

4. Motivation

Does your content make a change in people's lives? Do they finally take the first step, or achieve specific goals after reading/listening/viewing your content? If this is the case, your content falls into the category “motivation.” This category can vary a lot: it could be about losing weight, exercising, or about making the world a better place. Don’t confuse this category with the inspiration category. On the contrary of motivational content, the purpose of inspirational content doesn’t necessarily lead to change. 

5. News

This category is meant for followers that love to be up-to-date about subjects like business, technical innovations, or maybe global news. If your content falls into this category, you’re continually providing your followers with relevant news updates.

6. Advice

Do you advise your followers on what camera to buy? Or do you recommend to them the best restaurants in Amsterdam? Then your content falls into this category. People mainly like to use your content because it helps them with making decisions. 

Step 2: Who are your fans?

Before you start using our content payment tool, it can be constructive to determine who your diehard fans are. Create a clear profile using the following questions:

• What is the age range of my fans?
• What type of content do my fans like the most?
• What could be the most fundamental reason for my fans to pay for my content?
• How do they use my content?
• What do they miss in my current content?
• When these questions are answered, you will have a better understanding of who you are making content for and what they expect from you.

Step 3: What is the added value of your paid content?

Before making a purchase, it’s essential for people to know ‘why’ and for ‘what’ they are about to pay. That is why it’s important to make your paid content, more exclusive or different in comparison to your free content. You can use this difference as a teaser to trigger your audience. For example, you can create free tutorials and additionally produce a more in-depth video/article as a paid piece of content. It is recommendable to promote the exclusive piece of content by mentioning it in your free tutorials.

Step 4: What is your goal with making paid content? 

Apart from making a living online, determine what you would like to achieve with selling your content. Do you want to create a solid and loyal fanbase? If this is the case, we would recommend using the Uhmi subscription option. Before you do this, try to create a community first. The best way to create a community in this context is to find a common interest/goal and build your community around it.  

If your followers do not share the same specific interests, it might be a better idea to promote your paid content separately and focus on expanding your reach.

Step 5: Decide what payment method you would like to use.

Uhmi allows content creators to use several payment methods. Below you will find more information about each method.


Micropayments will allow you to sell content for a small amount of money. If you like to work with fixed prices, micropayments are the best option for you. 

Pay What You Want

Sometimes you might not know how to price your content. In this case, you can experiment with “Pay What You Want.” As the name implies: the consumer can decide what amount of money they would like to pay for your content. 


As mentioned before, Uhmi offers a subscription option. This option is perfect when you aim to create a community that will pay for your content frequently. This community mostly shares the same goal. Let’s say you own a fitness blog and have developed a specific program that helps people to get fit. By using the Uhmi subscription option, you can periodically share workouts and meal plans with your community.


Uhmi also offers a donation button. Your audience can decide if and how much they would like to donate. This method could be a perfect solution if you run a charity platform and aim to raise money for a specific project.

Step 6: Create a teaser plan.

It’s essential to raise awareness around your exclusive/paid content. There are multiple ways to effectuate this. Do you, for example, have a mailing list? If yes, you could send news updates about a special piece of content that will be published soon. The goal is to trigger your followers and to make them excited about your upcoming content.

Going through these six steps will help you a lot in finding an effective strategy. Always make sure that people know what they are paying for, and also double check if this type of content isn’t available for free already. 

We are here if you need any help deciding on how to use Uhmi. Please feel free to contact us for advice and keep following us for useful tips and tricks.