As we have mentioned before, we love to learn from content creators of all sorts. We want to know what they love most about their job and how they came to where they are now. Today we are highlighting Slovak content creator Michal Barok, who is a passionate creator with a love for filmmaking, photography, and camera gear.

Becoming a content creator

Looking at his Instagram, you would think that Michal has been creating content for many years. His Instagram is filled with beautifully edited photos and videos, most of which are of camera gear. So you might be surprised to learn that Michal started his career as a content creator only 3 years ago, in 2016.

He began working for a Slovakian e-magazine,, where he started out reviewing camera gear, software, and equipment. While making these reviews, he found out that this was something he genuinely enjoyed doing, which led to a greater passion for gear and filmmaking. So in addition to making these reviews, Michal also started to make short promo videos for brands and small businesses. 

At the moment, Michal's job has expanded with the creation of vlogs and tutorials, which you can find on the Youtube channel of and he gives workshops on photography and filmmaking. 

Something else we can learn from Michal is that you can always change your course of life. Michal did not go to school to be a videographer, as he studied something entirely different: veterinary medicine. Making videos and creating content started for him as a hobby:

"In the beginning, I was shooting skateboarding and aggressive inline. I wanted to improve on it, so I searched for a course, and of course, I followed the tips and tutorials on youtube."

Combining your passions

When we asked Michal what he is most passionate about, he responded with:

“Except for cameras and gears? Nature .. and I play horror games on the PC with my girlfriend 😁”

This answer is clearly reflected on his Instagram page. When he is not working, Michal can be found outdoors with his cameras and equipment. Many of his photos of camera gear have a stunning natural backdrop, making it hard to choose what stands out more! We sure love both.

Photos by Michal Barok

Experiment with content

So what is it about creating content that Michal is so passionate about? And how do you ensure that your content remains interesting? Michal says about this:

"I like to experiment with content. Every day I can create something new. I love to combine several methods of making a video, such as stop-motion with a demonstration of color grading. Or different color combinations, but it's more of my fun."

There is always a way to step out of your comfort zone and grow in your work. Experimentation leads to improvement. Maybe not with direct results, but just like in science, experimenting provides us with discovery and knowledge. 

This is also the first tip Michal gave us to pass on to other content creators:

"Experiment and don't be afraid to publish. Like criticism. Criticism is sometimes very painful, but don't take it very personally. Look for inspiration - enjoy it."

Tips for photo editing

Since we admire Michal's Instagram feed and photo editing skills, we have, of course, asked him for some tips. Here are five tips that he would like to give other content creators in the field of photography and editing:

  • Create your own handwriting. For example, use your own color combinations or use specific lenses.
    A personal style makes your work recognizable, so it is important to work on that. It is also completely normal, that you start with copying other creators because that is how we find our style. It is not about invention, it is about looking at the work of others, reproducing it and then creating it from memory. Practice as much as you can, copy copy copy and you will find your own handwriting.

  • Try lowlights and flares, this way you can create a new dimension to your work.
    Great photographs don’t necessarily need expensive equipment or gear. Adding dimensions to your photographs can lift your work to a whole new level. How? Like Michal says: try lowlights and flares - play around with lighting and effects, use perspective to add depth, or experiment with colors.

  • Don't forget to create photos or videos of yourself. For example, when editing or taking pictures. Your page will become more personal.
    As we have mentioned a couple of times before. Get personal with your audience! Sharing your creative process helps you to bond with your followers. So make behind-the-scenes videos, use your Stories to tell about yourself or share pictures of yourself creating content.

  • Show others photos/videos of your work, how it was created.
    Sharing your creative process with your followers does more than creating a bond. It also inspires! We, as humans, learn by copying others. It gives us understanding and knowledge that we then render and apply ourselves. So be that inspiration to your audience.

  • Create an atmosphere.
    What is it that attracts us in a photograph? When do we like it best? When it makes us feel something. And it doesn't matter what kind of feeling it conveys, as long as it conveys something. Photographs that trigger an emotional response are the ones that we remember.

    So how do you use atmosphere to grab your viewers' attention? Create a mood by using certain lighting, like the sun. Try to be mindful of the elements around you and use it to your advantage.
Photos by Michal Barok

We hope that these tips are of use to you and that Michal’s passion for his work has inspired you to experiment as a content creator and to put yourself out there.

Michal is very active as a content creator on Instagram, where he frequently posts inspiring photos and videos involving gear and camera equipment. When we asked about his goals for the future, he told us that he dreams of creating an official introduction-video of the camera. Well, we are looking forward to seeing this dream come true! If you’re inspired by Michal or curious to learn more, just follow his Instagram @michalbarok and stay in the know on everything gear, photography, and filmmaking.