Here at Uhmi, we love to learn from both existing, as well as upcoming content creators. We are always curious to find out what type of people they are, how they distinguish themselves from other creators and what lessons can be drawn from their style of content creation.

This week, Tel-Aviv based beatmaker/DJ and producer Omer Luz shared his story with us, as well as several tips & tricks for all you interested creators out there. Omer is a musician who uses his Instagram account @peter_spacey to share his amazing work with the rest of the world. He describes himself as a multi-disciplinary artist, music producer, and DJ and mentions that he is “a creation addict and space lover, working under the stage name of ‘Peter Spacey’.” In the process of producing beats and tunes, he explores the relationships between audio elements and visual aesthetics.

His early life as a content creator

Spacey has always had a creative mind and inherited his talent from his parents, who are also musicians. They have been a beacon of inspiration and motivation for Spacey and encouraged him to embrace a creative lifestyle. Eventually, Spacey decided to use his talent and creativity to create music. He mentions:

“I grew into music and started formal training at age 7 as a classical pianist that later on proceed to professional jazz music education. At the age of 14 it became more serious when my passion for music got stronger, I started experimenting with synthesizers, turntables, beat making sound design, music-making, and DJ-ing.”

Growing up, Spacey experimented a lot with various musical instruments that he found at home. He got to experiment with 80’s Casio keyboards, vintage drum machines, and synthesizers.

“I am always attracted to unpredictable sounds and instruments, learning about and absorbing everything I can about my passion."

As his passion and musical skills continued to grow, Spacey started to share his work with the rest of the world:

“I guess I just wanted to share and expose my creations to more ears, via performing on stage or through the internet. The first seeds started with uploading musical content to Myspace/Sound Cloud/YouTube more than a decade ago.”

His inner flame

It is not always easy to break through as a successful content creator. Whether you produce music, create paintings, take photos or make videos, the road to success can be a bumpy ride with triumphs and failures. It is important to remain passionate about your work, even in times of misfortune. A true passion can be an unlimited source of inspiration and energy in challenging times. Spacey clearly knows what his passion is and what he desires to achieve with this passion:

“My biggest passion is to inspire other creative people, execute my creative ideas, bring them to life and share them, receive feedback and see how my creations interact among themselves and the outer world.Creating for me is a craving, an urge, an addiction, a daily challenge, and adventure; It brings meaning to my life.

I define and discover myself through the creative outcomes achieved. Living at the melting point where my art and the inner world meet and interact with the outside world is one of the main incentives that drive me to constantly create content. It can be the response of the people at a club when I'm dropping a new tune in a DJ set, the feel of a crowd when I’m on stage playing music, the reaction to a musical piece that I composed for a movie, or interacting with people at a gallery where I'm presenting an exhibition.” by Tsofit Barabi

Every great dream begins with a dreamer

Spacey is someone who knows exactly how important it is for people to have a dream. Especially for content creators, it is important to live up to your dream every day and process this dream in your creations. 

“My dream is to keep my creative channels open, refine the quality of my work, and increase the number and the spectrum of people exposed to my creations. To keep exploring coalitions of multidisciplinary art forms and discover myself through them.”

The best thing about this dream of Spacey is that it is in constant motion. Many content creators are familiar with the dynamics of new trends, developments, skills and tools that can be used in their content creations or to expose themselves to new possibilities. No person is ever done exploring or learning.

Only by continuously learning and developing, you can create the best possible content. Spacey is always looking for new ways to create beats and to share them around the globe. Because of his open mind and will to be outstanding, he participated in some very unique collaborations. A project named ‘The Spacey Video Beat Tape’ is a good example.

For this project, Spacey created music inspired by GIFs for an audio-visual album. The audio-visual interactive experience was based on Augmented Reality technology and contains a mix of retro and future VHS cassettes triggering Augmented Reality musical animations. This is such a great example of how the combination of art and technology creates a new playground for creative artists. 

“Realising the music via all popular streaming music platforms felt like underestimating this conceptual audio-visual project. I felt that I have to be creative with releasing this special project and invent something new and exceptional so I came up with creating this A.R. exhibition, and released the album on a VHS Cassette.”

We love this unique approach to gaining awareness and sharing your work. Sometimes you can lose impact by wanting your content to be seen by the mass. By organizing an exhibition you can create your own niche, a niche that is sincerely curious about your work.

Tips & Tricks

Uhmi would not be Uhmi if we didn’t take this opportunity to learn from a creator by asking for tips and tricks that can help other creators. Spacey listed the following tips for creators that are looking for a little assistance and inspiration:

  • Stick to your ambitions and find the source that is driving you, ask yourself why you are doing this.
  • Producing QUALITY CONTENT is vital; don’t underestimate quality over quantity when it comes to your creations.
  • Always Think outside of the box, take yourself out of your comfort zone, and explore your boundaries.
  • Trust your intuition and let it lead you.
  • Try to develop your own tools and routines for creating, but avoid letting them turn into a cage - always approach the creative process from a fresh, open-ended starting point of exploration.
  • Be consistent with your creativity; find your unique voice and signature.
  • When you take yourself and your dreams seriously, they might come true!
  • On the other hand, don’t take things too seriously and always remember to have fun! ;)

We love the passion Spacey has for creating truly unique music and if you would like to see more of his work, please visit his Instagram @peter_spacey or visit his website